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Set of Additional Adhesive Desk Drawers Underalk InnovaGoods Pack of 2 units

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InnovaGoods offers the latest items for your home, such as the Set of Additional Adhesive Desk Drawers Underalk InnovaGoods Pack of 2 units Home Living! Discover a wide range of high-quality products which stand out for their functionality, efficiency and innovative design: lighting, storage, decoration, air conditioning, garden, pets, cleaning, etc.

An original and unobtrusive set of adhesive desk drawers that provide extra storage space in unused spaces to help to keep things tidy and organised. 10 double-sided quality adhesives are included providing total fixing and a firm hold on the surfaces used. Their portable, compact, and multipositional design, makes them extremely versatile and adaptable, as they can be easily installed wherever neccessary (without the need for assembly or tools). Although primarily used for desks and work spaces, they are also very useful for shelving, dressing tables, wardrobes, etc. They are ideal for storing any small objects, such as pens, pencils, glasses, magnifying glasses, headphones, USB sticks, notes, scissors, combs, jewellery, makeup products, beauty tools, etc.

  • Material:
    • ABS
    • PP
  • Colour:
    • Grey
    • Green
  • Design: Original and portable
  • Type:
    • Adhesive
    • Universal
    • Compact
    • Multi-use
  • Desk organiser: Tidy and space saving
  • 2 additional drawers: Object store
  • Double-sided adhesive for complete attachment: x10
  • Firm hold: High-quality adhesives
  • Multi-position: Versatile and adaptable
  • Discreet: Extra hidden storage
  • Convenient and easy to use: Light and manageable
  • Easy installation using adhesive: no assembly or tools required
  • Easy to transport and store: Takes up a small amount of space
  • main use: Desk
  • secondary use: Shelving, table, dressing table, wardrobe, etc.
  • Suitable for small objects: Pens, notes, glasses, headphones, USB sticks, etc.
  • Units: Pack of 2 units
  • Approx. dimensions: 2x (12,7 x 4,5 x 26 cm)
  • Packaging and manual in 24 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Slovenian, Greek, Czech, Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovakian, Estonian, Russian and Latvian